Niccoló's wife |✔|


Niccoló's wife |✔|

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'Will I be the villain of the story if I said I love you?' ~Niccoló Martinez 'He is not the villain of my story, and I love him.' ~Scarlett Benson. ~~~ The girl who sat at the corner of her own bed, had tears streaming down her face, she looked at her own sister, step sister? The word 'sister' now felt bitter on her tongue, her sister sat on her husbands' lap in a skimpy outfit, which consisted of barely nothing, the girl had her hand clamped on her mouth as she looked at her husband horrified, if that was the punishment she would be getting, if she would've knew she would've never went out of room, but she did. And now she is paying. She cried hard and bit onto her fist to control the sob which was threatening to escape her mouth, now she tasted copper, which was not a very pleasing taste, but nothing could compare to the heartache she felt at the moment. Niccoló could see the blood trailing down her fist, which she was biting on, his heart clenched, she would do something silly again, he knew, she was this damn innocent. He pushed the girl off his lap as she fell with a hard thud. "Out." That word was enough to get the girl scampering out of the door. He beckoned Scarlett towards him as she shook her head in response...


  • billionaire
  • submissive
  • sensitive
  • gangster
  • twisted
  • serious
  • mystery
  • tortured
  • punishment
  • Romance


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