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LGBTQ I wasn’t going to admit it to anyone, not even to Molly, but I was one of those fangirls. Well, not a girl, but… I don’t know what it was about him. It was as if he was so much larger than life, that he had his own gravitational pull, and I had gotten sucked into it. That was the only explanation I had for my tendency to stare at him all the time. Sometimes, like right now, Jackson would look up like he felt me staring, and meet my eyes. He never said anything, he just stared back at me until I looked away, trying to pretend like I wasn’t a total weirdo. That’s the thing about Jackson. Even though he’s got this bad-boy rep, and he’s all dark and moody, he’s never been mean to me. I’ve never actually seen him be mean to anybody. That’s part of the appeal. He pulled off “Bad Boy” without being an asshole.


  • LGBT+
  • second chance
  • student
  • brilliant
  • school


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