The Soldier Who Gave Him Acceptance #4 The Soldier Series


The Soldier Who Gave Him Acceptance #4 The Soldier Series

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Book Four of the Soldier Series. Haley Downey had served as a soldier in the British Army, after six years of service she left, to find her only choice of employment was in close protection. She worked with Steve 'Cigs' Benson, in the close protection circuit, they were a fine tuned machine, a force to be reckoned with, that was until a mission went south, and Cigs was made the escape goat for its failure. He was a man who was a close as a brother to her. Through her friendship with Cigs, she got to know the other Ex Special Forces instructors from the hit TV show, Special Forces Have You Got What It Takes. Called in by Cigs to help a contestant and close friend of his wife, Stan, escape a contestant turned murdering psychopath, Haley bonded in a deep way with the man she had to protect. She recognised a kindred spirt, their friendship often crossing the relationship boundaries, as they became friends with benefits Only this time Haley was returning home for good, leaving the job that required many months away from home, to star in the show that had catapulted Stan and her brothers in arms to fame. This time she was staying, and this time, she wanted more than to be his friend with benefits. The question was, would Stan take a chance? Could he put his broken heart on the line and conquer his fear of rejection, so that he could walk into happiness with Haley, the girl of his dreams.


  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • bxg
  • humorous
  • kicking
  • soldier
  • realistic earth
  • self discover
  • friends with benefits
  • Romance


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