His cute, little, innocent wife |✔|


His cute, little, innocent wife |✔|

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Tale of the love story of- Xavier Sinclair & Amelia Thompson. He is a billionaire. She is also a billionaire's daughter. He is ruthless. She is kind. He is a playboy. She never in her life have got her lips locked ever. He had eyes on every girl. She had eyes for him only. He was tempted by her innocence. She was tempted the beast. What happen when the two different worlds are placed in a single house? Obviously, bomb explode. And this made her, His cute, little, innocent wife. ~~~~~ He leaned casually onto the desk neatly placed in the center of his office. "You are bad." Amelia said her voice seething with anger. He smirked. "You are really bad, you are a... are a... vampire and you should not ogle girls like that when at least I was there." She said shaking her head, desperately regretting why she can't ever curse, whereas he just snickered quietly under his breath and adored her cute actions. In a swift motion he pushed himself off the chair, and in a mere second he pinned her to the nearest wall. "Is my angel jealous?" he asked in his husky voice while biting her earlobe. To which she blushed. "Yes, I felt bad when you looked at her, I didn't liked that. What will you feel if I will look at someone like that?" she said her voice barely audible, but enough to make his blood boil over the thought of her looking at someone else accept him. "I don't feel princess, I will straight away kill him, and do you know why?" he asked darkly, his voice much raspier than ever making her knees turn jelly. She shook her head. "Because I own you, you are mine." He said and crashed his lips onto hers. And made a vow to himself to keep his gem till he lives his last breath. ~~~~ © with copyright.


  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • comedy
  • twisted
  • sweet
  • lighthearted
  • serious
  • mystery
  • shy
  • Romance


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