The Lone Alpha(The Lone Wolf Series #2)


The Lone Alpha(The Lone Wolf Series #2)

Length: 13hrs 30mins 74 episodesOngoing
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(Book two of the Lone Wolf Series) “Please more, I want more” she pleaded. That did things to my already painful erection, making me bite back the growl that was bubbling in my chest and I was lifting her off the ground effortlessly. “Your consent is all I need, Paige. Give me your consent and I will make the pain go away, I promise” I asked, more to justify my own actions as that would work to ease the guilt I might end up feeling for thinking with my d¡ck while she was in this state. “I'm all yours Hazel, please help me” and that was all I needed to continue with my actions. She has given us her consent. I looked into her glossy eyes, which stared back at me with desire, longing, and most of all, lust. I smiled before crashing my lips with hers again, leading the kiss as I felt her grow more pliant in my hands. Our bodies burned with desires. My fingers found their way into her long hair, carding through the strands while I ravished her wet carve, leaving no corner unexplored. Lust burned deep into my brain like a fever, every new pool of her slick hit me like a truck, the scent now engraved in my brain. I was chuckling into her neck when I heard the sound of my shirt ripping. "Fvck" I groaned. “Slow down tiger,” I teased, but my amusement turned back into arousal, as I was moaning when I felt her tweak my nipples. Guess she and I just found one of my erogenous zones. ******** Paige was only four years old when her parents were brutally murdered before her very eyes and with her memory loss due to the sight of the attack, due to the demon wolf residing in every one hated her and sought to kill her but she was rescued by the Alpha and the only way to save her was to demote to a rank worse than omega and isolated from the pack, living in a hut far away from everyone. She grew up into a fierce and fearless shewolf, who was feared by all. Because of that she was threatened and was about to be killed but was saved again by the Alpha's son who helped her to escape from the pack. Suffering alone in the forest without knowing what to do, she was seen as a rogue wolf, and everyone that saw her wanted to kill her. Hazel, son of Alpha Maverick and Luna Elissa grew up and was loved by the pack members. Just like his father, he was the strongest and bravest of all. His strength and bravery earned him the fear and respect of all. But there was a difference between him and his dad, which is, hating anything that has to do with mate or being trapped by anything called the mating bond. So because of his hatred for the mating bond, he hated women and didn't want to have anything to do with them. But the moon goddess had other plans for him. He saw the helpless and lonely Paige in the woods alone when he went out to hunt with his friends. Drawn to her by the mating bond, he took her in and took care of her until he found a secret about her that Paige herself wasn't aware of. Would he be able to help restore everything and will Paige be able to help the Alpha who wants nothing to do with love or mating bond?


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • alpha
  • kickass heroine
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers
  • lonely
  • punishment


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