Revenge 2: Charlie's revenge


Revenge 2: Charlie's revenge

Length: 05hrs 14mins 31 episodesCompleted
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Charlie Stevens the son of Isabella and Paul Stevens spend his whole life waiting for Lea, she is the love of his life. He built his whole future around them getting married, Lea goes overseas to study and returns a different woman, she was not the girl he used to know and love. She has changed she dumbs Charlie on the airport. A few months later Valerie Green starts working for Charlie she is the daughter of the woman he hates the most, Sandy Moore. When he hears Lea and her new model husband are coming to live in Houston he asks Valerie to marry him but he will pay her two million dollars for the two years they will be married and Valerie accepts. She needs the money to start her own business and become like Isabella Johnson Stevens who is her heroin. Valerie is not as her mother and Charlie soon realizes his mistake. Valerie is not a pushover. She is a determined woman that has one goal in life to become successful and not fall in love with a billionaire like Charlie Stevens.


  • contract marriage
  • love after marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • drama
  • humorous
  • witty
  • Romance


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