The Tearless Concubine


The Tearless Concubine

Length: 16hrs 32mins 66 episodesCompleted
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After Gloria's father was caught stealing from a marquess, she was sold to the palace as a way to pay her father's debt. At first Gloria felt that he was betrayed by the person she trusted the most but after realising that it is a blessing in disguise, Gloria beginning to accept her fate as a maid. But, it was all fun and games until Gloria was told by the head maid of the palace that she would have to serve the 'evil' concubine. From the stories Gloria heard from her friends and acquaintance, the 'evil' concubines does not tolerate failure. There was even a rumour who spread like wild fire not long ago, saying that the 'evil' concubine execute a maid who accidentally spilled the drink she was serving on the concubine. As time goes by, Gloria finally realised that this is her new life now. But when she first met the 'evil' concubine, Gloria was surprise to see how calm and wise the 'evil' concubine behind close door. Because of this, she ended up wanting to know more about this so-called 'evil' concubine and how did her new mistress manage to get herself such a misleading title. Gloria has never seen a noblewoman who would sacrifice herself for her country and that exactly what her mistress did. But, Gloria often question herself; why and how did her mistress manage to have a notorious nickname? As the stories goes, Gloria indirectly gotten herself involved in palace conflict between the empress, the harem and her new mistress. But everything changes when Gloria and her mistress share a night together which they both enjoy.


  • LGBT+
  • revenge
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • powerful
  • queen
  • tragedy
  • gxg
  • medieval
  • royal


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