Falling in love with a Gangster's Empress


Falling in love with a Gangster's Empress

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Leigh Keihzza Belmonte also known as 'Red' the Gangster's Empress of the gangster's organization. She's known for being such a bad ass in terms of ruling her organization. Her intelligence and skills is killing the other gangsters motivation to snatch and turn a back to get her throne away from her. She's cold. Expressionless and a blacksheep. A perfection of great expression in dealing her works. She was trained to get something, a long time want he wants to get. A type of person who really don't know what yes and a no means. Everything to her should be explainable and should fed her enough satisfactions. When it comes to anything she wants, she had it all her way. No need to demand someone to get it for her. She's not a like material fan girl who loves to go window shopping, bar hopping and so on. She don't wants anything of it. All she wants from the very beginning is LIFE. The life that was taken away nefariously, from her beloved sister. She believes that promise is a sacred word to utter, and when she said she promised. She'll definitely will. No matter what it takes for her. She's no a good girl.. She killed multitude of people... heartless... callous... cruel... merciless... pitiless... unkind... and relentless... she don't care at all. As long as she killed a villain. Until he came... Always pestering her around... Always making her head ached... Always change her mood that she can't named... To her everything is really something going on that she can't name.. Suddenly she was thrown off. And confused her Can she afford protecting him too? Can she bear him, even he's forcing her to enter her world? Will she let him?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • arranged marriage
  • manipulative
  • badgirl
  • sporty
  • royalty/noble
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • highschool
  • wife


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