Dragon King's Abused


Dragon King's Abused

Length: 13hrs 46mins 64 episodesCompleted
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"Walk to me." Draco's deep baritone voice shook Aurelia with utter fear but she wasn't left with any other choices except following the very words of the savage king who was sitting on his throne in front of her. His eyes never left from her trembling figure even for once but nothing could soften his brutal heart, not even his blazing gaze. The night came to Aurelia's life like a curse and snatched away from her the entire race and every one of her kind without mercy, leaving only her behind to endure the loss of her dear ones and even more. But Aurelia did gather all her courage to stand up and walk the little distance while there was no one to save her right now, except a huge and vicious creature, who was standing as a guard to this young witch all this while. A dragon it was. The other part of the dragon king's soul, Egan was its name. Just when she was about to take her very first step, the dragon king said again, maliciously, "Naked." Just one word, was enough to make Aurelia shudder in extreme terror. But Egan's horrifying growl shook the earth beneath, revealing the fact that how the king of Dragonborns and his dragon could even stand against each other for one such fragile girl. For Aurelia.


  • Fantasy
  • powerful
  • weredragon
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • magical world
  • supernature earth
  • witchcraft
  • dragons
  • tortured


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