My Billionaire Ex-Lover


My Billionaire Ex-Lover

Length: 09hrs 30mins 60 episodesCompleted
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Tracy Brown a Thirty years old single mother of triplets and an office worker at an Ad and marketing company who was at the verge of losing her job due to the careless and extravagant life style of her boss. Thirty Five years old Riley Ford who turns out to be her ex lover and the father of her kids, steps in, buys the company and saves the day without even knowing that his ex-lover Tracy works there. Riley finds out that Tracy now works for him And is determined to make her love him again. What will Tracy do when she finds out that Riley is her new boss? Will she accept him and become his wife? Or will she reject him and break her heart even more than he already did?


  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • sensitive
  • confident
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • realistic earth
  • office lady
  • gorgeous
  • Romance


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