Claiming Their Warrior (Yakuza book 2)


Claiming Their Warrior (Yakuza book 2)

Length: 11hrs 54mins 107 episodesCompleted
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Eiji and Jiro have been in a secret relationship for over 20 years. The woman they loved and shared died years ago and they put all their effort into the Yakuza and each other. On the rare occasion they would sleep with women separately but never found one they both wanted. There life is about to take a big turn and the fire of sharing a woman has been lit. These two men play for keeps and the red headed, steel grey eyed woman has has them both wanting something they thought the would never have again. They don't just want her body they want her heart and they will do what it takes to claim it even kill because being Yakuza death is nothing new to them its in their blood. She is theirs to love and protect and that makes her part of the Yakuza family. Hope she can handle it all. Ameelia's life changed in a split second. The life she built for herself was ripped from her yet she wouldn't change a thing because she needed her revenge. Family comes before anything. With men she trained with trying to kill her she does what she does best she fights to survive. When two men put themselves right in the middle of her life she realises fighting to stay alive is easy. It's keeping her heart safe after it has been ripped to pieces thats hard. Can she trust these two men with her heart like she does with her life? And can she really have them both? This is a MFM (male/female/male) book. I would advise you read book 1 Owning The Yakuza first as this book may not make sense otherwise.


  • Steamy Stories
  • revenge
  • sex
  • maffia
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • soldier
  • mxm
  • passionate
  • seductive


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