Billionaire Contract Marriage


Billionaire Contract Marriage

Length: 21hrs 24mins 100 episodesCompleted
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Billionaire contract marriage "I'll make her fall for me and then abándon her!" A daring bet--Who falls for who? Scarlett Kingston is an actress with a promising career. However, Scarlett doesn't believe in love. For her, it's a big waste of time ...until she meets the CEO of an entertainment company, Ryder Thompson. Ryder is a playboy who plays around with the feelings of women...He is enraged when he finds a woman who isn't affected by his charm...He sets out to win her heart but Scarlett proves more though than he imagines. He then gets into a bet with her, In six months, he'll make her fall for him. However, there is a condition. For that six months, they have to live as a married couple. But who falls for who?


  • billionaire
  • contract marriage
  • love after marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • playboy
  • arrogant
  • independent
  • confident
  • CEO
  • drama
  • sweet
  • kicking
  • actress
  • Romance


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