Submit to Me, Alpha


Submit to Me, Alpha

Length: 20hrs 50mins 100 episodesCompleted
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18+: darker romance, abuse, triggering,No cheating, strong sexual content “I’m too scared of what I truly want. I’m scared….you won’t be able to accept it. That I could lose you again.” “What is it you want?” I ask him, straining to maintain his heated, steady gaze. Something in his dark brown eyes shifts. Gone is the alpha, always in control. Gone is the warrior, the protector and everyone’s favorite golden boy. In his place, is a vulnerable, exposed and raw man, as he drops to his knees and looks up at me with pleading eyes. “I want you to…” he drops his head, bearing his neck in a submissive stance, “I want you to take control.” “What?” I gasp in confusion. There is a long silence and Andrew continues to stare at the ground. “I want you to control me. I want….I want you to be the one to crush, dominate, and control me, Natasha. When it’s just us, I want you to be my master; my mistress. I want you to use me as you see fit to please you.” ******* Natasha Fedorova wasn’t born into this world of the supernatural. It was forced upon her after a lapse of judgment and trusting the wrong man. She was taken from her human world and used in a supernatural traffic ring. Her captors take her to Oregon, where she lives in constant fear and agony until she is saved by an alpha. Andrew is the perfect heir to Crooked River Pack. He has always outwardly been nothing but the ideal son, but inside, he has desires he is too prideful to give into. Can Andrew admit to his deepest desires, and help Natasha realize she is more than enough for him? Natasha may be the only she-wolf that can really make Andrew happy, and Andrew is the only man who can help Natasha realize her past is what makes her perfect for the role of Luna of Crooked River Pack. *This is a spin off of The Alpha's Eluded Luna. It is a stand alone but the character appear in both books.


  • fated
  • opposites attract
  • mate
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • rejected
  • self discover
  • supernatural
  • weak to strong
  • Romance


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