This Time I'll Be Sweeter


This Time I'll Be Sweeter

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"I thought you said you love this family?" I asked, tears forming around my eyes. "Yes, I said I love this family, but I never said I love you." They say words cut deeper and harder than knives. A knife can be pulled out but words are embedded into our soul. It leaves unseen and long-lasting scars. But guess what? She knew it, yet she wanted to take a sip of her sorrows and drink from her trapped bleeding heart. ~~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~~ 9 years ago, she met him. She fell in love with him. And even though she knew he already had a girlfriend, yet she pushed herself towards him. 8 years ago, when being a stubborn and spoiled brat kicked in at the same time, she had made the biggest mistake in her life. She seduced him where she ended up pregnant and trapped with him in an arranged marriage. But he didn't take it that easily. He made sure that every single day of her life would be a living hell and completely miserable. Throughout their marriage, she tried to prove herself to him and did her best to make him see her worth. She begged for his love and attention, but his heart seemed cold and lifeless. Until 4 years ago, she finally learned to let go and accepted the truth that no matter what she does, he will never learn to love her. But what if after four years the table has turned and he started chasing her... showing the care and love he should have done 4 years ago and asked for another chance? Will she be willing to forgive and forget everything he had done to her? Will she be willing to leave it all behind and accept the man who once caused her pain?


  • billionaire
  • family
  • second chance
  • arranged marriage
  • drama
  • comedy
  • cheating
  • wife
  • husband
  • stubborn
  • Romance


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