The Omega's Fist


The Omega's Fist

Length: 11hrs 52mins 77 episodesCompleted
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In a world where the strongest is paid to entertain the most influential and wealthiest among men and shifters. Omegas are no longer treated as lowly as before. They are now trained for the very purpose of fighting inside the ring. Win every match and you will gain your freedom at the end of the season, lose and you will die. Jason a bastard son of an Alpha to an omega grew up believing he is just an omega. At the age of 15, his mother died of natural cause. Orphaned, he needs to find work for him to live. Alpha Garsen a young Alpha stumbled upon Jason in search of a fighter for the upcoming season. He offered Jason a large sum of money in exchange for his fist. At first, he doubted his intentions, but eventually he took his offer. Will Jason be able to survive the season?


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • shifter
  • omega
  • bxb
  • kicking
  • city
  • realistic earth
  • ABO
  • weak to strong
  • novice


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