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Ace and Jeanne were escorted by his mother and his sister inside the big manor located at the heart of the ranch. Zia asked him again, "How will you stop my pending engagement now? I don't want to marry that guy, Kuya Ace. We will just be introduced to each other tonight." Ace said, "I got the money to pay the bank loan." Mommy Fatima said, "I don't think your father will accept your help. You disobeyed his wishes and left, remember?" Jeanne then decided to make up a lie to help out, "But we're actually here to tell the family about our engagement. We plan to get married this coming year. Is it allowed in the family to have two weddings in a year?" It was the first time in her life to do such thing. She really felt the need of helping out especially when she felt how desperate his sister was. Ace was surprised about the lie Jeanne had come up with. And his father just entered the manor in time to hear about it. His father said calmly yet surprisingly happy, "So, you've returned with a fiancée after eleven years. Jeanne approached his father and paid him respect by putting her forehead on the back of his right hand, "Good evening, sir." She also did the same with his grandparents who had joined them. Lolo Antonio asked as Jeanne returned beside Ace, "Is it true? You're engaged to this beauty queen, hijo." He noticed that everyone seemed to be happy about it. He went on with the lie, "Yes, Lolo. Athena Jeanne Lorenzana is my fiancée," he confirmed her lie approaching his grandparents to kiss their forehead. He still felt awkward around his father so he returned beside Jeanne, put his arm around her waist, and introduced her to them, "Jeanne, meet Dad and Dad's parents, Lolo Antonio and Lola Esmeralda."


  • billionaire
  • family
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • brilliant
  • city
  • lies
  • virgin
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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