Last Year


Last Year

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Amelia Chandler was supposed to fall in love, graduate high school unscathed and have the best future ahead of her. But, unexpected things happened which not only put her life briefly on hold but also made her twin brother, Mark, become overprotective of her. In her quest to get back to a normal life, she finds herself leaning on her brother's best friend, Clark Lewis. Unfortunately, there is a bro code that Mark seems to take seriously and becomes a dilemma for Amelia and Clark. This is even made more complicated when her ex-boyfriend, Tristan, keeps appearing in her life asking for her to take him back. Plus, there's her former close friend who can't seem to get a clue that she can have Amelia's ex all to herself. Joined by a close-knit circle of friends which is made up of the school basketball team's popular starting five, it seems impossible for Amelia to get a move on from last year's events. After all, falling for your brother's best friend is never as easy as it sounds.


  • friends to lovers
  • goodgirl
  • brave
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • nerd
  • city
  • highschool
  • childhood crush
  • friends
  • Romance


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