The Traitor Alpha's Daughter


The Traitor Alpha's Daughter

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Alina Marks doesn’t have it easy. Her father, the traitor Alpha of her pack, died six years ago at the hands of the enemy vampire coven, and her pack’s new Alpha, Noah, has declared her his future Luna. Unfortunately, that proclamation isn’t as romantic as it seems; Noah is possessive, hot-headed, and even abusive. When Wren, the handsome, new human boy from the Bronx, comes to town, Alina assumes she won’t be allowed to talk to him. But fate has other ideas, and before long, Wren and Alina are thrown together in a whirlwind of danger, passion, romance, and intrigue. Alina’s eighteenth birthday is fast approaching, and the whole pack assumes her inner wolf will choose Noah. But what if she chooses someone else entirely? EXCERPT: “Wren?” I whisper. “Yeah?” He whispers back. I turn to face him at that, but I don’t distance myself from him at all. I wrap one leg around his, hook a hand around his neck, and press myself deep against him. The effect it has on him is instantaneous; his fingers sink into the bare skin of my lower back, pressing me even further against him, as his lips find the nape of my neck and he lets out an extremely sensual groan of pleasure into my skin. “It’s not supposed to feel this good,” I whisper into his ear as I continue moving my body against his. He’s bigger than Noah, I note with a twinge of amusement; I can tell even through the clothes. “We’re supposed to—” “Hate each other,” he finishes for me, “yeah, yeah.” One of his hands slides further up my back, beneath the fabric of my camisole, while the other remains rooted to the small of my back, keeping me pressed against him. He looks me straight in the eyes and says, “I think I prefer this.” And that’s when I kiss him.


  • love-triangle
  • forced
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • vampire
  • highschool
  • pack
  • abuse
  • first love
  • Romance


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