Soul For Sale (MxM)


Soul For Sale (MxM)

Length: 10hrs 43mins 99 episodesCompleted
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*COMPLETED* Small time actor Felix Monroe is headed to his thirty first audition for a big role in one of the most high end entertainment agencies in the world. He has no doubts about his abilities as an actor but he lacks a vital asset that could potentially cost him the role... Previous work, since the man has only had small roles up until this point it makes the judges hesitate whether or not he is suited for this one. Will he be able to convince them otherwise or will this be his thirty first failed attempt to make it on the big screen?


  • LGBT+
  • evil
  • witty
  • offifice/work place
  • poor to rich
  • slice of life
  • lonely
  • mxm
  • turning gay
  • actor
  • selfish


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