Mated to the princes


Mated to the princes

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"THEM? WHY THEM? AS IN SEVERAL?" "Yes Dad, several." "As in two?" I shake my head. "Are you making a joke!? Is it three?" I shake my head again. "Eric!" His voice is stern, warning and I know I have to say it out loud now. My mother bites her lip. Something that Rachel also does when she gets nervous. "It's four, four Mates Dad. Quadruple." ———— Princess Rachel manages to convince her parents that she can see the country and travel through, on one condition. Her brother Eric joins her and four of their best warriors and her own ladies in waiting. With much reluctance she agrees and together with her brother and the four warriors, they plan the route and visit the packs. Rachel is already 20 and hasn't found her mate yet. Prince Eric hasn't found his mate either. Everyone knows the two, so with the help of her brother she takes away the magic glow, she is still a beautiful woman, but without her royal tattoo and without her glow and her new role as PA she can go a long way. Until she gets to SunshinePack, the quadruple Alphas feel a special attraction that they can't explain and Rachel also feels an attraction to all four. She gets confused by it. She has always learned that she could find her mate at the age of 18, she still doesn't have her mate, why is she so attracted to these four men? What role do her parents play in this? What does her brother do when he sees the attraction? After a breakthrough in the border, Rachel wakes up next to Emma. Emma has been through terrible things and Rachel is helping her survive. Are the Alphas in time to save Rachel and Emma and which of the rescuers turns out to be Emma's mate? Read along in the quest of Princess Rachel. Will be edit soon...


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • kidnap
  • fated
  • mate
  • goodgirl
  • princess
  • sweet
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • magical world


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