Forbidden Kiss


Forbidden Kiss

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Writing Contest: LGBT+ Secret Lover Ezekiel Elijah Mathews was born into a fiercely religious family. His mother an avid church goer and his father a regular speaker at their local small-town church. With his brother and sister seemingly following suit in their religious views, Ezekiel had never felt more alone. He tried, boy did he try, to fit into the norms they had pushed upon him, but something about it, just didn't sit well with him. If it was so wrong for a guy to be with another guy, then why did God make him want to be with one? Only his best friend, Hannah, knew he liked guys. She had called him out, his fear had made him deny it at first, but her acceptance, despite his venomous denial, finally allowed him to be honest to another person for the first time in his life, and it was liberating. One night changed Zeke's life forever, but not for the reasons he thought... After sharing a heated kiss that almost went too far, with a stranger, a man, for the first time, he now knew he was unable to deny the truth. Only, now he didn't want anyone else, he didn't want just any guy, he wanted that guy. The guy he now only knew as Ezra. He needed to see him again. That was, until he walked into his last lesson to find Ezra was his new teacher..... Now what? Follow Zeke as he struggles with his family, sexuality and his insatiable need for a man that was not only forbidden to him because of his gender, but also his profession.


  • LGBT+
  • student
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bold
  • genius
  • ambitious
  • male lead
  • realistic earth
  • school
  • Forbidden


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