Monthly Restart


Monthly Restart

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Daisy Middlemist is an 18-year-old heiress that belongs to the high society, she is a member of one of the wealthiest families in Frank Ville City. Despite all the glory and status advantage, she's suffering a monthly memory loss that happens during the 25th day of the month. Her memory issue was caused by a mysterious accident that happened 8 years ago, exactly on the 25th day of August. Living as a girl who basically has a single routine of forgetting everything every month, Daisy spent her time updating her diary every day so that she will have something to read and remind her what she’s feeling, doing, and acting every single day. But then, her life took a sharp turn after her childhood friend, Eric Anderson, came back from abroad as someone with a harsh and cold personality that lives up to his name as a bad boy. Besides that, Calvin Strauss, a transferee and a gangster who can literally match Eric's offensive side, suddenly appeared in her life. Now she was stuck with them. However, their appearance opened up a way for Daisy's unsolved accident to resurface once again. The three of them started to look for answers, trying to solve the mystery and find out what happened to Daisy on that ominous day, 8 years ago. By doing this, this trio inadvertently joined a ride filled with ups and downs: letting them experience the bitterness of constant bickering and hating each other, the sourness of unpredictable mood changes whenever they're altogether, the sweetness of love and affection, and the bitter-sweetness of avenging herself; plus the thrill of being in a love maze. With Daisy being a sassy and unpredictable person, Eric being a bad boy but with a soft side, and Calvin being a bully but a softie, can they really team up for the same reason? What if something more..something like 'LOVE' includes itself in the mystery chase? And because of that, Daisy's plain monochromatic life became filled with red: representing both love and lust for revenge. Can they really put an end to Daisy's continuous monthly restart?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • revenge
  • badboy
  • kickass heroine
  • heir/heiress
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • campus
  • city
  • enimies to lovers


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