Alpha Jake


Alpha Jake

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After the tragic loss of their loved ones and the unraveling of some hidden secrets things seem to be going well for the Silverstone pack. After Alpha Jake admitted his true love for his 'Hidden' hybrid witch mate Prisca everything seems perfect for her-like a dream come true. She has completely fallen blindly in love with Jake with no doubt in her mind or soul, just like every mate should but maybe that was her biggest mistake. What Prisca doesn't realize is now that the hidden truth has been discovered about herself and her Alpha mate everything has changed. She might have accepted the truth about her true identity really well but Jake is struggling with the new discovery of his true identity as a royal. Being a royal traditionally in the werewolf world means different rules for him and his pack. It also means he has to marry a Princess(a royal) as well despite having a mate. To make matters worse him being mated to a witch is a disgrace to the royal circle and Jake being a man born plus raised to follow tradition finds himself having to choose being a full king over his mate. Struggling to handle the rejection from her mate Prisca finds herself moving away from the pack to start afresh without having to face the man who ruined her heart or anything that has to do with supernatural beings. However her wish to start a new life without her mate is destroyed when she finds out that she is indeed pregnant with Jake's child, an heir to his throne.She knows she can't keep this secret hidden from an Alpha hybrid King like Jake but she is sure as hell willing to try getting her normal life back.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • possessive
  • badboy
  • powerful
  • drama
  • twisted
  • mystery


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