Impossible lover (true story)


Impossible lover (true story)

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Please put the story in your library with the heart icon before reading it. ;) *** part of chapter 12 *** “What is it Tim? Do you want to say something?” I asked him quietly and he let out a laugh. “What about you Nina? Do you want to say something to me? “ he asked, I know he was smirking even thouh I couldn't see him. My heart started to beat faster, I became very nervous about this conversation, but on the other hand I was happy as well because apparently he felt the same way as me, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the phone with me in the middle of the night already 2 hours long. “You tell me first.” I said shyly while I was smiling to myself like an idiot. “No-no-no, first you.” he said in amusement. “No, I asked you first.” I said with a laugh. “Ninaaaaa” he growled and I started laughing even harder, hoping he will finally give up. I like the sound of my name when he says it. “Well... I don’t know....I will tell you one time what I think about you, ...but not now...” I said finally. “Why not, I want to hear it now” he whispered. 'Oh my god his husky voice is making me crazy and horny.' I could feel a very strong attraction between us even over the phone. “Ok... “ I breathed out “but you first...” I said stubbornly. “No, you first” he said now seriously. “No way, you first or I am going to hang up” I argued. “Jesus women, you are so stubborn... fine..” he said furiously and took a deep breath. “I... I like you Nina” he whispered “I really, really like you” he continued with worried and quiet voice.' *** We wouldn't even think about what we see in movies could happen to us in the real life as well. This book is about a girl who fights with the dificults of life... her evil stepmother , her rich and handsome boss. Can she resist the temptation? Follow her and find out. This book is based on a TRUE story... Mine.


  • ChickLit
  • love-triangle
  • badboy
  • boss
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • secrets
  • chubby
  • colleagues to lovers
  • shy


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