The Phoenix Revenge


The Phoenix Revenge

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I was giving up... I was dying.... I just wanted the pain rooted in my chest to go away, but now, it seems even death repulsed my soul. There was a part of me that kept on fighting, wanting to live. But what was the point, I had lost everything to them. My wealth, my father and my unborn child. I heard a whisper. It was so low but I recognized the voice. It was mine. That's my voice. Jeanine. It had one word to say.  "Live," I jerked up from the water. 'What did I just do?' I asked myself unbelievable questions. I had just been murdered, and yet I was planning on doing the same thing. I was a fool,I was used,ruined and murdered. Life had given me another chance and what was I about to do? Waste it. Not in this lifetime.  I left in search of the only person that could help me. Asher. "You said only the living with the will have the power to undo" I paused, noticing the glint of interest in my words. "What if the living have the will but no power to undo, Could you help?" Asher stared at me. I could swear I saw sheer joy in his eyes but it vanished quickly. "Yes I could,and believe me I would be happy to help. But on one condition" He paused,taking another look at me. "What do you want?" He asked, his eyes already knowing the answer. "I want Dave Anderson and Emma Brooke to regret their entire existence. To regret the day they bumped into Jeanine Smith. I want every passing second to be hell on earth torture for them, to experience the pain I went through. I want them to go through worse, to grovel down on their knees and beg for death, the only difference is death itself will be repulsed by their soul" I felt the shiver run down my spine and my voice was shaky but enough to convey my emotion. "Then your wish is my command Mrs Reed" Asher said, forming a wicked smirk on his lips. I felt only one thing. Hate. My heart wanted one thing. Justice. My word will be the law. Jeanine Smith Anderson was dead. She led a good life, made the wrong friends and married the worst man. She was a fool, a dropout, an ignorant being with so many mistakes. Natalie Reed will be nothing like her. She'll be a beauty behind a mask who will understand the only word my heart knows. Pain. All my emotions and pain will be hidden under the maddening smile of my revenge. Jeanine was dead. ***** My name is Jeanine Smith, once known as Jeanine Anderson. I had everything, but what I truly ever wanted was to find someone who'd love me for real.  ….And I did. Atleast, I thought I did…… He was Dave Anderson. My high school crush and the perfect man. We were the perfect couple, not until he had an affair with my best friend and then murdered me and his unborn child. I died unfortunately, and went through the gates of hell and met the devil himself.  Then I made a deal with the devil, in exchange for a second chance.  A second chance to live a borrowed life, with a borrowed identity and drag Dave Anderson down to hell. And trust me, I won't fail.


  • murder
  • revenge
  • contract marriage
  • body exchange
  • second chance
  • powerful
  • billionairess
  • tragedy
  • betrayal
  • rebirth/reborn
  • Romance


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