Alpha Female Princess Book 1 (completed)


Alpha Female Princess Book 1 (completed)

Length: 08hrs 52mins 38 episodesCompleted
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This is about a female girl Olivia, Liv for short, that is daughter of the alpha. she is the youngest of her kind to become an alpha. she hates when her father goes out on missions and stands up to him about it. she is the only one that could do that other than her mother that pasted away when she was young. she has her friends her boyfriend that she loves until one day she finally meets her long-lost mate. then she has to move across town to be with her mate, which her father and brothers hate about. but her mate has his own pack that is strong and powerful. no one has ever stopped them for what they do. Liv has heard stories about her mate, how dangerous he is and hateful, but when she moves in with him, he changes his life around all because of her. and everyone had notices this that’s in his pack. even the outside world when they try to come for her. As werewolves’ people, we have the sight to do anything that we want. We have the best hearing, sight, speed, strength, you name it. But as an alpha its more than just that. It doubles, triples. Sometimes it’s a lot more than that. Expressly when the moon goddess comes out aka the moon. It’s the same as full moon to humans but it’s a lot stronger to us. There are only a few things that can kill us which is anything do with silver. No matter what form it is in it can kill yea if it’s a lot but if its only little of it, it can only harm us, but feel like it killing us.


  • Paranormal
  • contract marriage
  • fated
  • pregnant
  • powerful
  • luna
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg


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