The Badass Alpha's Omega


The Badass Alpha's Omega

Length: 17hrs 28mins 107 episodesCompleted
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This story revolves around a timid student considered as the 'good boy' which falls for the bad boy of their class. The bad boy is arrogant and distant until one night. Iko Airashi, the good boy of class was running late from his part time job. It was late in the night with no sign of transportation around. The Uber he booked ditched him. As he ran towards his house, he stops hearing some growling. The trees beside him rustles and his eyes widen, body shrinks in fear. Immediately, he feet steps back but it was too late. Someone attacks him from behind and he screams. As he fought, he was thrown on the other side of the road. His whole body aches with the impact. Still, he manages to catch a glimpse of a ferocious looking Wolf running towards him. "No, this is a dream." He mutters cursing; the rumors to be true. His each cell giving up when the wolf bites his arm. In the next second, the huge wolf is overthrown to Iko's side; a junk of his skin tearing up with the force. He writhes in pain crying for help. "Someone help me ease this..." He begged and felt warmth by his side followed by a large growl. His slits open to see another wolf picking him up from his shirt and leaving. He would have fainted if not confused. However, things change when he sees the wolf transform into- "KORI HANSUMA"- The bad boy of his class. Oh no, it was better if the wolf would have killed me. Iko gulps feeling tears edge in his eyes. What happens later? Find more.


  • LGBT+
  • mate
  • badboy
  • omega
  • sweet
  • bxb
  • werewolves
  • multiverse
  • turning gay
  • passionate


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