Varsity Bad Boy Series


Varsity Bad Boy Series

Length: 16hrs 04mins 134 episodesOngoing
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A whole series featuring the guys of the football house! -------Book 1: The Varsity Bad Boy------- Liam Andrews, who also known as "The Badass" and is a star player for his college football team. He always gets the girls he wants. Olivia James is just an average student. Her only goal is to keep her scholarship and graduate from college. She gets a sexy makeover from her roommate, which catches Liam's attention. However, Liam isn't used to being turned down. Now if only he can win Olivia over from Brett and survive a pregnancy scandal that hits the football house, Liam will truly be the badass, because he will have the girl of his dreams. -------Book 2: Tackling The Tight End------- Eric Sanders is one the star players on the college football team and dreams of playing in the NFL after college. Jill Kelly has known Eric since they were in high school. She is well liked in her sorority and many consider her a true friend, including Eric. Jill is tired of being in the friend zone and decides it time to show Eric just exactly what he has been blind to all these years. Will she succeed in getting Eric to notice that she can be more then just a friend?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • opposites attract
  • playboy
  • badboy
  • student
  • bxg
  • lighthearted
  • bully
  • campus
  • football
  • lies


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