The Billionaire's Forgotten Wife(The Heiress Love Series)


The Billionaire's Forgotten Wife(The Heiress Love Series)

Length: 14hrs 08mins 69 episodesCompleted
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Ileana was fiercely independent, she craved freedom and she didn't believe in love- atleast that's what she told people. She was wasn't a typical heiress. Oh and one very important thing: She DISPISED Greyson Novak! He had taken away her freedom, the one thing she coveted the most in this world. Her family had forced her to marry him. But she was determined to find a way out of this, she would never submit defeat, not to that ruthless, sexy and arrogant man. Not in this lifetime. Greyson Novak liked control, though the one thing totally out of his control seemed to be his new bride. He had agreed to this marriage for his family's sake and was determined to continue on with his life before, until the women had burst into his office and demand he not go through with the wedding. She was gorgeous, intelligent and delicate- as much as she would hate that- she was perfect for him. Now he just need to convince her that they would work. But how do you convince a girl who has spent her life without love, that giving it a chance would bring her happiness and not pain.


  • billionaire
  • love after marriage
  • opposites attract
  • arranged marriage
  • goodgirl
  • independent
  • CEO
  • drama
  • bxg
  • city
  • virgin
  • Romance


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