Sneaking into his heart


Sneaking into his heart

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Keeping our gazes connected, I gripped his shaft,then brought my lips closer, licking the tip. His eyes grew hooded, a muscle ticking in his jaw while his memnberspasmed under my ministrations. True to my guess,fitting him inside my mouth proved a challenge. By the time I was done,my lips were stretched to its limits buteven then, I felt him grow impossibly larger. Having no experience on how to pleasure a man in this way, I pulled on everything I heard or read about,using both mymouth and hands to bring him release. And it seemed to be working if the way his breathing deepened as his hands clenched into fists wvere anything to go by. Feeling emboldened, I increased the pressure of my ministrations,trying to pull him deeper, but not quite being able to breach the limits of my aching throat. As l gothim more worked up,he appeared unable to hold back anymore and gripping the back of my head, he forced his way deeper into my mouth. I choked,my throatscreaming in protest,but he didn't care,shoving himself inside me ruthlessly. The ordeal seemed to go on forever,where at several instances I thought he was goingto choke me to death or rip off my throat. He managed to force his whole length down,but it still never seemed enough and he kept trying to go even deeper witheach thrust. Maybe that was the way he found to kill me.It sure felt painful and humiliating_.Especially since my body was still unbearably aroused,the simple factthat I was pleasuring him,seeming to bring me glee. Eventually,he finally found release,the hot liquid pouring down my throat leaving me with no choice but toswallow the whole thing. At that last instant my vision blackened,and I half expected I would suffocate to death,but he released me just in time.Black spots stilldanced around my vision as I gulped in air,heaving to supply my deprived lungs. ***Warning: Dark romance with possibly triggering situations including dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence


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