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“Oh my god, they are so handsome!” “I heard they haven’t found their mates yet.” “Why couldn’t it be me?” Now I was even more curious. When they went out with the plates, I tiptoed up to the swinging door. While everyone was distracted by the servers, I pushed the door open just a crack and peeked through into the formal dining room. By bad luck, the two men in question had their backs to me. They sat straight and tall, one in a dark red shirt, one in a light blue shirt. The red shirt had long hair pulled back in a pony tale. The blue shirt had a short, deliberately messy style. I couldn’t tell much from the backs of them except they seemed well muscled. I was just about to back out of the door when I was hit with the most tantalizing odor. It overpowered the spicy scent of my jambalaya and made me almost dizzy… I tried to put a name to it… sandalwood, sweet cedar, and sex. Do I even know what sex smells like? I was frozen and couldn’t move from the door. At the same time, the two men stiffened in their chairs and seemed to be looking around in confusion. Luna looked around them and saw me in the door way. Her eyes burned like fire into my skull and I finally snapped out of the trance I was in and slipped back into the kitchen. I was never supposed to be seen in the dining room – so my indiscretion would no doubt earn me a belting later. I went back to the clean up with a heavy heart.


  • sex
  • pregnant
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • abuse
  • self discover
  • special ability
  • Romance


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