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"You are worthless." "You are pathetic." "You are nothing." Unloved and unwanted... That's what i was to everyone including my parents, my Mate and my Pack. An out cast living in a world that does not want her... I was weak... And forever would be. *** Iris Pierce lived her entire life in fear, having to barricade herself in her room every night because of the effects Alcohol and drugs had on her parents. As Rouges they lived under the rule of a tyrant, his reign weighed on her. Being violated and tormented by the man who she was made for there was no way out, until one night her Pack was attacked. She escaped and ran only to be captured once again by a vicious and insane Alpha, Leo Turner. He plans to use her to get to the Rouge Alpha, who slaughtered not only his parents but his Mate as well. With her powers kept at bay the full moon rises and so does the wolf inside her, with the first shift in years she tears away the chains of her torment and rises above those who made her nothing. With her new found courage and power comes the beginning of a love that should have been and the return of the tyrant.


  • Paranormal
  • dark
  • forced
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • tragedy
  • twisted
  • bxg


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