Billionaire Fight Club: Fight of My Life


Billionaire Fight Club: Fight of My Life

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Sunlight was breaking in through the ceiling to floor windows. I tried to sit up, but that was too hard to do right now. My head was spinning, nausea gripping my insides. Taking deep, slow, and steady breaths, I managed to roll over, all but shoving Liam’s excessively heavy arm off of me. What the hell? I was naked. He was naked. What? Something was stuck to my finger. It was swollen. Prying my eyes open against the sun yet again to assess the reason for my pain, I gasped. Shooting straight out of bed, I noticed the massive, white, clean, at least 10 carat diamond, precariously sticking to a very important finger. We hadn’t…… had we? We got married last night.


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • badboy
  • bxg
  • offifice/work place
  • betrayal
  • cheating
  • poor to rich
  • athlete
  • seductive
  • Romance


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