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**Completed** **Just to warn you, the chapters are quite long** Not edited **Some carry up to 4500 words** ***Book 1 Werewolf series*** "That's my cue..." Julian said watching his two friends stare at nothing but each other. None acknowledged his words either. Lost in each other's scent, Beta did what he had been craving to do throughout the night. He scooped his Alpha up and threw her over his shoulder and stalked straight for his chambers despite her objections. "I can't be gentle, not tonight." He husked peeling off her clothes hastily. "Don't be," it was all the encouragement he needed. He began by trailing his rough hands on her soft skin. Then bit, licked, kissed and sucked on her taunt n*pples loving her messy moaning. Before long, he had her writhing below him. And he rode her the way he had fantasized. With unadulterated carnality, passion, and lust. Claiming and branding her as his with every animalistic stroke. Hours later they had both lost count of how many times they had cum. "Are you tired?" He asked flipping her over on her knees, and pushed her legs apart, sinking back into her. "No," she breathed. He began dropping tiny kisses along her jaw and down to her neck. He lingered at the juncture between her shoulder and her neck. The spot he was supposed to mark. He suckled the tender flesh making Rhey tilt her head further. "Do it," she encouraged. Tommy froze, he hadn't realized the position they were in. His actions were lust-ridden. He quickly pulled away to the Alpha's dismay. "Sorry, " he offered poorly angering her. She quickly got off the bed and picked up her discarded dress.  Tommy didn't understand why she seemed so peeved. "Why are pissed?" "Doesn't matter," Rhey shot back dressing hastily. "You didn't expect me to mark you, did you?" Tommy insisted curiously and when Rhey didn't answer he let out a bitter laugh.  "So that's it," he bellowed. "Am I supposed to come crawling back to you just because you unmasked your scent?" The disbelief in his tone was palpable. "I thought..." "You thought what?" His voice raised angrily. As a Beta and friend, Tommy had never raised his voice on her before. "Forget it," Rhey rasped. She had never felt that humiliated. "I am done chasing you, just as I am done apologizing." "You never did any chasing, love, and you are deluded to think otherwise." Tommy barked with a scoff. "As for your shitty apology, it's not accepted." He frowned. " Had I not come home with Amelia, you would have kept lying to me. I would have never known you are mate!" Rhey attempted to talk but he shushed her and continued. "My response to your pheromones is as expected," he gazed deeply into her shocked brown eyes. "I can't resist your scent. But that's all there is, a quick easy lay. You can go back to pretending I am a trivial part of your life." "I never said..." "You didn't have to, years of deception speaks for itself." Tommy surmised calmly taking a seat on the unmade bed. "You will never forgive me, will you?" "No, I don't think I will." He confirmed grimly. "You are free to do as you please. " Rhey breathed softly walking and when she was by the door she turned. "And If you need to break the bond, do so." Then she left, her heart breaking with each step she took but didn't dare turn. He wasn't worth her tears, she decided.


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