Sinfully, Yours... (Completed)


Sinfully, Yours... (Completed)

Length: 10hrs 21mins 46 episodesCompleted
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"You can protect me from others," She whispered. "But how will you protect me from yourself?" One night. One patient. One incident. That was all it took to change Scarlett's normal life into that of a prisoner... a survivor and lover to the person she would never even have dreamt of loving. Ever. As she is thrown into the dark world of Dominico Elia Moretti... Scarlett's life spiral out of ordinary into an extraordinary dream...or nightmare. One she is f****d to live everyday as she struggle to cope with betrayal, lose, and a never-ending world of sin.


  • dark
  • forced
  • badboy
  • brave
  • doctor
  • gangster
  • bxg
  • enimies to lovers
  • crime
  • Romance


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