The Lady Out of Time


The Lady Out of Time

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COMPLETE- She's the preeminent divorce attorney in New York City, and has been for the last ten years ever since she passed the bar exam. She's intelligent, shrewd, and ruthless, the bane of scheming husbands everywhere. Her name is Julia Williams, nationwide role model for independent, single women, and she's coming for you. Except she's not, when suddenly, she's transported two thousand years back in time into the body of Julia the slave in Ancient Rome. Her mind remains intact, thankfully, and she uses her wits to survive this brutal system that puts her at the very bottom of society...until she's revealed to be the only daughter of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. It's 28 BC in Ancient Rome, and a woman out of time could change the course of history...when all she wants is to go back home. But when the opportunity finally presents itself, can she bear to leave behind the man who's changed the course of her heart? * * * "Marry me." Julia snatches Agrippa’s collar with hands that have become cold and clumsy. She tightens her grip, but it's like she can feel him slipping away already... "Don't be ridiculous. It's impossible." And although he doesn't knock her hands away, she feels him pushing her over the brink with his harsh words and cold, dark gaze. Suddenly, she realizes it's not Agrippa the man before her that she looks upon, half-pleading and half-commanding. It's Agrippa the soldier, Agrippa the general. And there's no place in his heart for her to stand between him and his loyalty to the Emperor. “Fine," she says after a moment. "But make sure you remember what you said. I'll make you regret every word."


  • reincarnation/transmigration
  • time-travel
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • confident
  • royalty/noble
  • drama
  • brilliant
  • ancient
  • Romance


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