Only Madness (A Sadie Price FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 6)


Only Madness (A Sadie Price FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 6)

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Hitchhikers are turning up dead in the Alaskan wilderness, found near truck stops along empty stretches of highway. In a lonely, remote landscape, Sadie must comb the insular world of truckers to search for suspects. But, all alone out there, might Sadie find herself a victim? ONLY MADNESS (A Sadie Price FBI Suspense Thriller) is book #6 in a chilling new series by mystery and thriller author Rylie Dark, which begins with ONLY MURDER (book #1). Special Agent Sadie Price, a 29-year-old rising star in the FBI’s BAU unit, stuns her colleagues by requesting reassignment to the FBI’s remote Alaskan field office. Back in her home state, a place she vowed she would never return, Sadie, running from a secret in her recent past and back into her old one, finds herself facing her demons—including her sister’s unsolved murder—while assigned to hunt down a new serial killer. Sadie’s investigation leads her into the Alaskan wasteland, full of bleak landscapes, hardened loners, and endless cold. As she fights to piece together the clues, Sadie finds herself in a race against time. Can she stop the killer before another girl is taken? An action-packed page-turner, the SADIE PRICE series is a riveting crime thriller, jammed with suspense, surprises and twists and turns that you won’t see coming. It will have you fall in love with a brilliant and scarred new character, while challenging you, amidst a barren landscape, to solve an impenetrable crime. Future books in the series will be available soon.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure
  • decisive
  • brave
  • female lead
  • feminism


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