The Italian Director Next Door (CASTELLANO SERIES #1)


The Italian Director Next Door (CASTELLANO SERIES #1)

Length: 11hrs 48mins 27 episodesCompleted
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Uptight, arrogant and workaholic Elizabeth Danvers is the Chief E. of one of the best selling fashion magazines in the world who gets her perfect little world turn upside down when she realizes that her next door neighbor that she loathed so much turned out to be her coworker, to be exact-the new Director of her company. She thinks he's a hobo and p*****t and hates his taste in music. Despite all that, Ethan Castellano lived for all her reactions because no one else was able to do what he does to her & no one else was able to make her feel what she feels for him. You may think they're able to keep their personal lives and work apart since they were adults but being adults didn't stop them from getting on each other's nerves It didn't help either since they were working and living by each other next door and their walls aren't exactly sound proof. No parts of this story is allowed to be copied without my written consent or permission.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • billionaire
  • opposites attract
  • friends to lovers
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • powerful
  • comedy
  • sweet


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