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Throwing her roughly on his bed he looked towards her delicious innocent body which was going to be soon tainted by him. "Baby, you dare to reject me? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?!" He felt so angry towards her. "Please…please…whatever I did…please forgive me…." Innocent beautiful girl was crying uncontrollably in his bed. "I WILL TAKE REVENGE… DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TAKE REVENGE, HUH?" He was demanding answer from her. She looked towards him sobbing silently didn't know how to make him calm. "I will f**k you until you get PREGNANT…How would it feel to have my child grow inside you?" Hearing him hurting her in this way made her crawl away from him. "This is how i am going to take my REVENGE!" He started to strip her naked… LUCA KNIGHT Lucid is the king of the city. The handsome devil. The most successful businessman in the whole country. The multi-billionaire who has everything. Everyone knows how cruel and ruthless he is. When it comes to take what Belongs to him, he will get it no matter what. Everyone fears him because of his ruthless way of dealing people who crosses him. So Remember to never make him angry because He will make you pay the worst way possible. LILY COLLIN Smart, Beautiful,kind hearted innocent girl who was orphan left by her parents. Her heart cries for orphan children who were abandon just like her. Seeing anyone in pain makes her heart ache. She always help everyone in every way possible. But she did one mistake… The mistake of attracting the DEVIL. NOW SHE IS GOING TO PAY.


  • forced
  • pregnant
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • bxg
  • Romance


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