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MATURE 1*+ BE AWARE! "AHHH!!!!", I screamed. "PLEASE STOP!!!! HAVE MERCY!" But he never stopped. He kept thrusting inside me furiously. It feels like he is not only RAPING me. But also making me feeling like it's my fault. I made a mistake by trusting HIM. He made me feel that he was my saviour. He trapped me! BUT IT'S TOO LATE NOW. I AM RUINED NOW. I AM RUINED BY THE DEVIL. . . . DOMINIC KNIGHT: AGE : 30 He's Handsome, Controlling, Arrogant, Cruel, Ruthless. Always get what HE wants. After all HE IS THE DEVIL. No can dared to stop HIM cause they the consequences. He is the LORD of the whole country. Everyone bows to him like HE is GOD. EVA COLLIN: AGE : 18 Beautiful, young, innocent girl. Always tries to help everyone. Never been loved by anyone. What will happen when THE DEVIL WILL CLAIM HIS LITTLE PRAY. HIS PRECIOUS SWEET. He is ready to do everything to make her his. He will make her weak. She will always depend on him. She will warm his bed every night. He will make sure there's NO ESCAPE. What will happen to that innocent Soul? Who is going to get sacrificed for the devil's desire?


  • age gap
  • forced
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • royalty/noble
  • drama
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • Romance


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