Her Possessive Monster


Her Possessive Monster

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Sherry Stephens is the sister of Cherry Stephens she is 18 just like her twin sister. She firecracker, and shy little balls of red! She loves her family and she have a dark secret! She wants to be punished! She is looking for a Dominant and the only guy she thought of is no other than Travis Jefferson aka T-Man! Travis Jefferson! the cousin of Wade Jefferson! They are best friends his is 18 years old! He is the football Quarterback at the high school popular jock with blonde hair and bright eyes like the Jeffersons. He likes to control the women but there only one he wants to control she in his firecracker red headed witch that will be Sherry Stephens! He fine out her secret life! She is a submissive and she is looking for a Dom for the first time! "Now count! He says" Red 1, (slap),2 (slap),3 (slap) I said with a moan! (slap),4 Oh God! I felt that all the way down to my wet p***y. Please sir! f**k me." I begged him. He chuckled and smacked my a*s harder I screamed out and moaned. "Get on your knees now baby girl." I lick my lips and bended down on my knees watching him unbuckle his belt and unzipped his pants. Travis c**k is popping out of his boxers. I lick my lips thinking about pleasuring him with my mouth. He pulled out his c**k between his opening of his pants! I am seeing his c**k for the third time! He has it in his hand, Stroking it! " Suck baby girl." Show me how good c**k sucker you are?" I look up grabbed his c**k! I look at him with a smile and l*****g my lips I said. "Your wish is my commend!"


  • sex
  • pregnant
  • bxg
  • childhood crush
  • enimies to lovers
  • football
  • first love
  • Romance


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