A Beta's Undying Love (Wolves Fated Mates Series#2)


A Beta's Undying Love (Wolves Fated Mates Series#2)

Length: 08hrs 13mins 53 episodesCompleted
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“Well I better get this out to Katrina. If you need anything, you just say so,” Lily said, as she grabbed the box and walked away. We need you My wolf wasn’t wrong. I needed her, but this was more complicated. Humans didn’t believe in werewolves. To them we were myths and only appeared in stories and movies, so I couldn’t just make her mine. Besides humans didn’t have mates. They shifted between partners as often as they changed their dirty socks. While wolves got their one and only, humans could choose. So if I wanted Lily, I would have to win her heart, but how? It was best humans didn’t get involved in the supernatural world. Not many of them could handle it. It took a lot of strength, and Lily looked like she was ready to faint just by lifting down a box. I knew she was sick, I had picked that up from her scent, but exactly how badly was it? I would have to figure out what I could about her, before I did anything I might regret. Valerio's beta Garrett is searching desperately for his mate. He has always been fond of females and has habit of believing they are his mates, but as the king's best friend, he is quick to discover none of them are and are only interessted in the king. He fears he might never find her, but at a visit to his sick mother, who he is keeping a secret, he discovers his mate. Lily. Lily is a tough person who loves to take care of people, but when she learns that she is once again battling cancer, she loses hope, that she will ever have a future. What will happen when the two lost souls meet? And not just Lily's sickness is working against them, but the fact they are from two completely different worlds?


  • Paranormal
  • fated
  • sensitive
  • brave
  • beta
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • magical world
  • nurse
  • passionate


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