Forever Started With Thirty Days


Forever Started With Thirty Days

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Book 2. It's been weeks since Cleo left Valenzano. With the upcoming mating ceremony of Jazz and West, she needs to go back. But when she goes back she is carrying a secret. Will seeing Valenzano force her secret to be revealed? Or will she be able to leave-taking her secret with her? This book is the sequel to Thirty Days With the Alpha, please read before reading this book. Avaya POV: The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they say. I have been watching that bitch the moment I heard Valenzano had someone in the house, my spies always keep me informed. The information I got today pissed me off, I can’t believe this shit that bitch is Valenzano mate and she is pregnant. The news I got from my spies inside the pack hurt me to the core. He knew all this time he knew she is his mate. Her being his mate and pregnant just made my plans to kill her and take him back easier. Once she and those pups are dead he will have no choice but to choose a chosen mate and who better for the job than me. I will wait after his grieving period and find a way to bump into him and make his fall in love with me again. Besides why should she get a happily ever after with him when I am the one who sacrificed everything for him, my true mate and Valenzano and I pup.


  • revenge
  • alpha
  • sex
  • family
  • fated
  • pregnant
  • beta
  • bxg
  • small town
  • Romance


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