The Alpha Demon's Kidnapped Mate


The Alpha Demon's Kidnapped Mate

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She lay shackled by heavy silver cuffs to the cold metal table listening intensely for his dreaded footsteps. The silver cuffs burning like acid on her delicate wrists and the wolves bane flowing through her bloodstream like burning lava she tried in vain to summon her wolf to break free. She began to whimper, it was no use with her weakened state courtesy of her daily doses of force-fed wolves bane and the bondage of silver she lay vulnerably like his prey trying to block the images of his rough unwanted hands roaming, pinching and squeezing intimate parts of her body that no one but her wolf's mate should ever touch from entering her mind whilst tears streaked her porcelain skin, her rosy lips began to quiver as she tried not breakdown in fear and let him see her broken spirit. Life was not always a daily cycle of abuse for Isabelle, in fact, she had a happy childhood raised by her loving Mother and Father whom where the Alpha and Luna of the Golden Moon pack - a well respected and peaceful pack who lived a quiet life until the night of the bloody massacre. The massacre that wiped out the Golden Moon pack and ended with Isabelle bearing witness to her family's execution at the age of just 7 Isabelle was then kidnapped by the Alpha of the rogues who murdered her pack, who decides to keep her his as his chosen mate. After a decade of torture, Isabelle manages to escape a week before her 18th birthday. Running for her life she crosses into the territory of famed Demon Alpha where she soon discovers they are the fated mates. Will Isabelle live happily ever after with her mate ? or will the Rogue Alpha recapture her?


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • sex
  • kidnap
  • mate
  • counterattack
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • tragedy


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