The Wolf Guardians


The Wolf Guardians

Length: 09hrs 25mins 56 episodesCompleted
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The alpha king and his cursed bloodline A naïve little princess unaware of politics A thousand years old war A prophecy A substitute bride Let's go back in time when the werewolf world was in chaos and join the sweet and sour journey of the alpha king and his bride towards restoring the balance of their world. “I can see you are quite advancing your skills,” Edward spoke with pure anger. “Edward! I don’t understand”, Rosella whispered. She was scared at the way he was talking. “Oh, really? Another wolf coming to the castle to see you, bringing a bunch of roses for you! To my wonder, you are accepting his gift. Rather, I would say adoring it! Do you think I am blind?”, Edward yelled. Rosella saw that the outer rim of his eyes started to change in black. His wolf was taking over. She could not respond to anything out of fear. “Tell me, princess, what the hell is going on between you and Maxwell?”, Edward shouted again, taking a step forward, towards her. She took a step back. She was terrified at this moment. “Are you growing a liking towards him?”, Edward shouted again, holding one of her shoulders furiously. It was hurting her. “Edward!”, she mumbled. Her eyes were watery. She was looking into his eyes. They were flickering between blue and black. “And you have the courage to go to the Alpha ball with somebody else? Who asked you? How many wolves are you pursuing at the same time?”, Edward was trembling out of fury. His voice was no less than a thunder. “I am not pursuing anyone, Edward.”, Rosella whispered again. Tears were rolling down from her eyes.


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • arranged marriage
  • king
  • luna
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • royal
  • supernatural


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