Raped By My Step-Brother


Raped By My Step-Brother

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I moved into the home of my mother's fiancé, and was thrilled to be greeted with a mansion. However, when I met the two sons that lived in the home, my life suddenly became a nightmare. Eric Hawks, an underground broker dealing with illegal substances, and prepared to shoot anybody without hesitation. Alongside him is the worst, his brother Mike Hawks. Mike Hawks' persona in front of my family, is not the same as when he is alone with me. His eyes darken, the sinister smile pulls his lips as he scrutinizes my features, and soon I am lost within my own pleasures, to find out that it was all just for the fun of them. Raped by My Step-Brother. Which one do you think raped her? 1*+ RATED R ----- He raped me, ruthlessly with not even a hint of sympathy or empathy in his gaze. His eyes were filled with anger and pride as he thrusted deeper and deeper within my body, the d**g only allowing me to gurgle. I wondered where I had ever seen any sane emotion in his eyes, since the ones that were eyeing me back were filled with raw delusion. It stared with such sinister and pure sadism as he continued to hurt me. Not once did he even think of stopping, not even when his fingers found blood on my opening. It felt as if my bones were crushing themselves, my panicking body not being able to move.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • arrogant
  • stepbrother
  • drama
  • tragedy


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