My Sugar Daddy


My Sugar Daddy

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Chanel's dad left her and her mom all of a sudden just before senior year. That's the start of all her struggles. She and her mom had to transfer to another city, she had to transfer to another school, and has to look for new work. Her mom became alcoholic. She blames her dad for all her current predicaments. Alex is seeking revenge on his ex-girlfriend and her soon to be husband. He gets a girl to help him with his plans. Then everything falls into place. Will they also fall... in love with each other? Alex and Chanel will find their lives to be connected to each other in terms that they are not expecting. ================================================================== He went inside then locked the door. I looked up at him wide eyed. “I think you should be punished, Chanel. You have been a very bad girl, don’t you think?” Alex brushed my hair on my shoulder then put it on one side. He licked my earlobe while staring at me at the mirror. I gasp at the sweet sensation. “What are you doing, Alex? They might come for us.” I hissed at him. “They won’t.” His left hand was around my waist and the other one on my hip, fisted on my dress, crumpling them up. “Are you ready for your punishment, Chanel?” I was looking at him with half-lidded eyes. With him sucking on my neck, I could only tilt my head sidewards to give him more access. I have been focused on his mouth that I did not notice his hand had already invaded my panties. “Oh, f**k, Alex!” My voice in a panic, Alex could only chuckle on my ear. “I’d love to, Chanel. But you would be screaming in my bed, not in a fitting room.” He tightly clasped his left hand over my mouth. “So smooth, babe. I like it. You’re already wet for me, babe.” His index finger was flicking my clit bringing electricity throughout my body. “Mmmph!” My left hand went over his on my mouth, my right hand hooked up at his shoulder. “Open your legs, babe.” I took one big step sidewards. “Very good, babe. Do you like what my fingers are doing to you? Huh? You want more?” Alex growled lowly. I had never felt something like this before. My legs were getting weak. I’m losing my breath. But I wanted more. I flinched when he thrust one finger in my core. In. Out. In. Out. Getting faster by the second. My clit was being assaulted simultaneously, this time rougher and faster. “Mphmmmph!” I cannot hold it any longer. I felt like I’m going to pee. My legs started to twitch. “c*m, babe. Release it.” Alex whispered into my ear huskily. “Mmmmmmmmph!” Liquid came gushing out of me, trickling down my legs. Shit! Is this normal? “You’re getting me addicted to you, Chanel. You’re really something else.” He kissed the side of my neck then sucked on it. Pretty sure he had left a number of hickeys there. He was not finished doing me. More liquid was coming out until there was none. I was panting like I ran a full marathon. “You did good, Chanel.”


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • sex
  • teacherxstudent
  • age gap
  • second chance
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • lighthearted
  • sugar daddy
  • teacher
  • Forbidden
  • Romance


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