The Alpha and The thief


The Alpha and The thief

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***I want to publish 1500 words a day*** "There is no way I would be mated to a thief," I said "let's go to the basement and find out then" he suggested and I shook my head. I was more afraid of going there because I knew there was a chance his suspicions were right and there was no way that is as going to accept that my future luna was a thief. "What are you so afraid of?" he asked knowing that I was never one to admit to being afraid of anything, I threw on my how and opened the door desperate to prove him wrong and prove to myself that it wasn't my mate in there. As I got closer and closer to the closet the scent got stronger and even more mesmerizing but I was still in denial. I touched the basement door as if I could feel her through it and I was startled by WIll as he came to a halt next to me. "You see what I mean, it is your mate in there," he said as he noticed that my eyes had changed color and my wolf was giving me away "it doesn't matter, just make sure you kill them all," I said as I began to walk away, and WIll quickly caught up with me and pulled me back. "come on Dante, we need a Luna," he said and I rolled my eyes "Not her" I shot back "How can you reject someone that you haven't even seen yet? what if she is the most beautiful woman you have ever laid your eyes on? she might not be what you think" he said "she broke into my house and I am sure they stole a few things, and you are telling me she is not what I think she is? she is a thief Will is that the kind of Luna that my pack deserves?" I demanded "No but all I am saying is go in there and see her," he said and I could see there was no way he was letting this go "Do you not remember what happened with my previous mate?" I asked him, I hated even speaking about her and I had forbidden everyone in my pack from speaking about her. "I know you have major trust issues because of Tania but this could be different and I think it's time you let that shit go," he said "Will how can I just let it go? Tania slept with and Omega and not only that she got pregnant by him" I yelled talking about Tania always got me worked up and angry. "fine," I said turning around and storming toward the basement door. I paused a little bit at the door before opening it and storming in and walking down the stairs uncertain of what I was getting myself into. the three girls had bags over their heads and were tied up but I already knew who I had come for. I walked toward her slowly and hesitated to touch her for a little while, what if WIll was right?


  • Fantasy
  • kidnap
  • fated
  • badgirl
  • tomboy
  • gangster
  • drama
  • bxg
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers


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