Tripartite Mate(Book 1 of Three mates series)


Tripartite Mate(Book 1 of Three mates series)

Length: 07hrs 27mins 46 episodesCompleted
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"You crave to be dominated, to be taken by more than one man. You want us to fill you all at once. You want us to tear that sweet little pussy of yours..." *** A trip to her aunt's place Viola Finn's life turned when she met her mate. Instead of getting one mate like others, she got three. She pretends to be disgusted but deep down she knew they are exactly what she needs, what she craves. Callum, Declan, and Flynn's soul were bonded together since their birth. They have shared each and everything since their childhood so it didn't come as a shock to them that they have one mate. The moment they met her, the animals within them want to make her theirs and they'll not stop till they make her their, either by hook or crook. What will Viola do when life throws three handsome Greek gods in your way except for laying back and take whatever they have to offer?


  • Steamy Stories
  • possessive
  • age gap
  • dominant
  • submissive
  • supernatural
  • shy


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