Yes, Doctor!


Yes, Doctor!

Length: 18hrs 15mins 84 episodesCompleted
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When the doctor refused to hear out her apology, young artist, Serena Chase did the best thing that came to her mind. She booked an appointment! She thought she was outwitting the intimidating woman until...she saw the examination chair, the tools, the charts...all telling her to run out. Unfazed by her presence, Dr. Kassandra York walked to her tray of tools, raising a scalpel, her eyes boring through her nervous ones. "You've booked an appointment? Good. Now, I'll commence the pelvic exam." "You're a gynecologist?!" Little did they know that nothing would stay the same after that session. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Warning: Contains explicit adult themes. For 18+ only.


  • LGBT+
  • age gap
  • dominant
  • goodgirl
  • boss
  • doctor
  • gxg
  • offifice/work place


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